Fantasy Impeachment

With daily stories about a White House in chaos, a President for sale to foreign powers and a paralyzed executive branch, it's easy to sink back in despair. Why not turn for disintegration of the Republic in to a fun stand-alone game. Developed by Wesley Brooks and others in our Facebook group, we present Fantasy Impeachment, all the fun of fantasy sports with even more soul-crushing depression at the state of the modern world!

Set Up

Set up is easy. You just need a draft board: A list of names in the White House, Trump circle, and Congress likely to get caught up in the mess. Sample list is available here. Players will take turns drafting officials and associates to their team. Then the fun part comes.


The main objective in Fantasy Impeachment is racking up points. Players you draft can score in a number of ways:

  • Any indictment: 3 points
  • Any Conviction without plea deal: 3 points
  • Any plea deal: 1 point
  • Resignation: 1 point
  • Turns witness for the prosecution: 5 points
  • For any sentence, add 1 point for every year in jail and 1 point for every 100k in fines
  • LOSE 4 points if pardoned

Keep track of scores going forward, the game can end at any time!

Game Over

The game end is entirely up to the player. Some natural end points are easily spotted and used, but indictments could continue until the next administration (if there is one!).